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wild ordination

at Mo Ranch in Hunt, TX

April 23 - 28, 2023

includes food & lodging

$1,390 / private room 

$1,090 / semi-private room

$875 / camp only

$250 deposit


Wild Ordination
on-land experience & ceremony


The commitment to manifest your Wild Calling is challenging. It begins with hearing the call of the Sacred Wild that resonates deep within your soul. You will likely face both external and internal resistance.  Our inner protectors and our culture at large are committed to keeping us living in a story that is at odds with our own deepest truth. 


Vows made at the end of Seminary of the Wild -- from our souls with the Sacred, on Zoom with one another, and in private ceremony with the holy land -- mark a threshold crossing.  This gathering offers an opportunity to embody your vow through ceremony, council, confirmation, and commitment.


The Center for Wild Spirituality has created a unique five day intensive to honor your unique calling from Spirit, Earth, and Soul in the embrace of other humans who have been walking their version of this same path.


This gathering will take place April 23rd to 28th at Mo-Ranch in Hunt, Texas, where we will conspire and celebrate our vows to be agents of transformation in our time.

While your ordination is initiated and confirmed by the Sacred, a wild ordination is an official ordination by the Church of the Wild and can be used to verify your ordained status to officiate weddings, funerals and other functions of a minister.

Mo-Ranch is nestled on 500-acres along the spring-fed Guadalupe River and has incredibly beautiful and wild places to wander in the hill country of that region. Here is a link to the Mo-Ranch website:


Our days will follow a rhythm that combines lots of time to wander in nature, meet together in council, engage in soulful conversations, express grief, dance under the stars, share meals, rest, and dream.  Our time together will culminate in a wild ordination ritual where you will be invited to move through a liminal threshold of responding to the Wild Call that has claimed you.  A certificate of wild ordination will be issued.


The cost for the gathering will be $1390 for those who want a private room and $1090 for those who want a semi-private room. For those who would like to camp, the cost would be approximately $875. These costs cover room and board, meeting room costs, and guide fees.   


PLEASE NOTE: A deposit of $250 is needed to secure your spot. An invoice will be sent to pay for the deposit once you've expressed your desire to attend. The deposit is refundable if you need to cancel by January 15th.