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Wild Geese

Alumni Clan Gatherings

Online Clan Meetings 

Every other Wednesday

beginning September 28, 2022

Choose from two time offerings

requires a 3 month commitment


The monthly payments do not begin until the clans begin meeting.  Register now to submit your preferences and payments will begin in September.

Wild Geese
Alumni Clan Gatherings

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting -
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.

Mary Oliver


Do you feel a longing for the kind of deep connection and soul-centric belonging that you felt during the yearlong EcoMinistry program?  The intense experience of community can linger in the form of an empty place that isn't yet replaced by a local community. Besides, we need to not just "stay connected," but something more is sometimes needed for us to stay focused in that soulful heart-centered place in our lives. 


Of course, anyone can meet with whomever they want whenever they want! Some clans have continued to meet and some have naturally disintegrated. But there is just something kindof magical about staying connected in an intentional, guided, soulful and ongoing way with one another after such an intense sense of belonging.


These membership-based clan gatherings are a way to stay connected with the kind of intentionality and support that we experienced during the program. Bi-weekly groups are an opportunity to deepen into relationship with other graduates from the program, witnessing one another, mirroring and being mirrored in a deep and intimate way. 

Who is This For?

Membership is limited to alumni from the cohorts of the Eco-Ministry Certificate program, offered by Seminary of the Wild and the Center for Wild Spirituality.  


Sessions include:

Bi-weekly council sessions to share, witness, and support a small group of like-hearted friends.  No new seedings or anything, just a lovingly held space to find the support we need to face these times of unknowing and stepping in together.

Held by a guide, with intention to share leadership, there will be weekly invitations, dreamwork, ceremony, poetry -- practices that kept us focused on our Seminary of the Wild journeys.

Offered in two time slots.  Each group will form in groups of 5-7 members and will be closed after each fills.  New groups can be offered as clans fill up.

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Victoria Loorz


Bryan Smith

VICTORIA LOORZ & BRYAN SMITH,  co-founders and guides for the first four EcoMinistry cohorts at Seminary of the Wild are offering a bi-weekly clan experience for alumni.