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Call of the Sacred Wild


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This yearlong program is a container for kindred souls who sense that they are holding the seeds for a new story in our world, in our religions, in our cultures: A kin-dom of God, without the "g."  A reverent way of being in sacred relationship with an alive and interconnected world.


The old story of dominion, colonization, human and white supremacy has had a devastating impact not only on our planet's health but on the spiritual and emotional vitality of humansThe layers of crises and cruelty we face will not be solved with technological, political, or economic strategies alone. A deeper transformation of heart is necessary to welcome in a new story. 

Throughout history, spiritual leaders are invited by the Sacred, by God, to go into the wilderness to remember their identity, listen for their calling, and engage in intimate conversation with the Holy present in the land which speaks (which is what the Hebrew word for wilderness also means).​

There is a movement emerging. A movement initiated by Spirit and Earth, herself, and embodied by people who hear the call of the wild to midwife this new story into being. It is a movement that calls us into intimate relationship with our own souls, with one another, and with the whole wide world at this pivotal time of transformation.


yearlong online program

Two Cohorts for 2023:

Green Field

Join a monthly free Q&A Session
to help discern your participation, ask questions, meet the guides 

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of the
Wild Earth

For those from any or no
spiritual tradition 

EcoSpirituality Certificate

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ReWilding the Pastor's Soul

specifically for church leaders in the Christ tradition



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The Eco-Ministry Certificate program is open to anyone who feels called into service to what Joanna Macy calls the Great Turning, the time we are experiencing now: upheaval and unraveling alongside emergence and restoration. It is for those who understand that the core of our ecological and cultural challenges is a spiritual problem that organized religion is not going to solve.

SEMINARY OF THE WILD EARTH:  You do not need to consider yourself to be a pastor, a Christian, or even a "spiritual leader," and most participants are not. The old dominant story of a destructive, hierarchical, power-over culture is crumbling. What is emerging is still unknown. We cannot know what it will look like yet, but, in the fellowship of like-hearted souls, we are here to journey together into the cracks of mystery. The new story is emerging in very local, very particular, quiet ways.  It is emerging through us.

REWILDING THE PASTOR'S SOUL yearlong program is specifically for pastors within the Christ traditions who are feeling a gnawing discomfort in their souls. Burnout is real and the call of the wild felt deep within their bodies is difficult to embrace within a structure that is slow to change. The flow of the EcoMinistry program is similar to the Seminary of the Wild Earth, but with a greater emphasis on the particular burdens on a pastor's soul and the particular work to rewild the Christian story.

The Eco-Spirituality Certificate is not a training program, per se. It is a "wild seed bed," a new kind of seminary, that invites you to honor and nurture the seed of vision growing louder inside you, urging you into service to the largest beloved community that extends beyond people who look like us, even people who are not human..

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