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community connections 

The EcoSystem

An online community hub for the

emerging community of wild spirituality practitioners

and seekers

Connect with the Movement through
The EcoSystem 
Community Platform 

The Ecosystem is an expanding network of eco-spiritual leaders and seekers who are sensing the call of a new and ancient story rising from the earth and spirit. We are those who are here to co-create a culture based on the true interconnectedness and love between all beings.

The Ecosystem is a partnership of the

Wild Church Network and the Center for Wild Spirituality.

Image by Nicole Geri

A movement hub for the practice of wild spirituality, bringing together those who sense the call into a transformed reality where relationships are central. Where the unique individual is known as part of a wider ecosystem of belonging. Where we are in service to something greater through our vast and innate interconnectedness with all-that-is.

A hive of contemplative activity and support, with opportunity to connect with others who are curious about the re-connection of our spirituality and the rest of the natural world.  Healers, Chaplains, Mystics, Pastors, EdgeWalkers, Visionaries, Cultural Innovators. Some are planting and nurturing wild churches or communities, some are holding a seed to a new kind of spiritual leadership altogether. All are rooted in intimate relationship with the natural world.

A holistic space for conversation and connection, learning, unlearning and co-learning. Course and workshop connections are held in the EcoSystem as well as offerings of practices, resources and a year-long certificate program are offered for the integration of spirit and matter - body, mind, soul, ecosystem.

This is a heart-led embodied digital community with roots in the actual dirt and creatureliness of watersheds in diverse eco-systems. Dedicated to living from a place of love, interconnection, and justice for all beings. 

Initial membership is free with opportunities to increase engagement level for a monthly fee.

What's Included in The EcoSystem


Solstice/equinox celebrations

Meet ups (like Happy Hour and discussion groups)

Access programs only available through the app


This community of kindred souls who are writing a new story with the earth and all Kin

An experiential and participatory community

Connect and build community based on interests (such as Celtic spirituality or creative expression)


A space to share what work you are currently engaged in


A space to share your calling, dreams, idea, challenges and celebrations and ask for support with accountability that you need to get to where you want to be

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