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Graduate Programs

For Alumni of Seminary of the Wild / Earth

Deepening into the Sacred Wild

You've said "yes" to the call of the Sacred Wild in the way that is most meaningful and aligned with your particular gifts, place and community.  But the journey has only just begun!  For ongoing support, training, connection, a series of deepening programs for alumni of Seminary of the Wild / Earth are coming soon.  Here' a preview:   


Wild Ordination

You may still feel yourself positioned on a wild edge looking over a cavern where the Unknown dwells.  Or you may be deeply immersed in your soul dance. Either way, there are no templates, no guarantees, not even many models for bringing what is needed at a time of profound unknowing and collective collapse. All we know, really, is that what we are bringing into the world is as important as how we bring it.  

This nine month second year program leads to a certificate of Wild Ordination, 
ordained by Church of the Wild to perform weddings, offer wild sacraments, and honor the vow you've made to the sacred wild in your life.

Details coming soon, but if you are interested, please respond with this initial application 


Eco-Spiritual Direction

For graduates of Seminary of the Wild/Earth, the first year of EcoSpiritual Direction training is essentially what you've already completed.  To receive a certificate in EcoSpiritual Direction, only the second year and Ghost Ranch Intensive is required. 

However, you may choose to join the Coyote cohort for the first year at a 50% discount. REGISTER NOW on the ESD page with a $400 deposit and we will send you an Alumni-only invoice for your discount.

The Second Year Begins September, 2024.  Registration will open in April 2024, but add your name to our waiting list for a reminder!



Vision Quest

There comes a threshold in your life when more intense, deeper listening is needed.  Our deepest truth and destiny arises out of a transformative
interaction with the natural world.
And that takes time.  And intentionality.  

Next Spring or Summer 2024 (still working on location & details)
the Center for Wild Spirituality will offer our first Vision Fast for Seminary of the Wild alumni.  It is a sacred opportunity to descend into the realms of our wild,
animate world who speaks the language of soul and calls us as humans to claim
our deepest callings.

Register your interest (pre-application) to join our small group of twelve alumni in a transformative experience.

Image by Marvin Langer

Alumni SoWE

Remember the community support and intentionality of the yearlong program? You will be in a clan/hive/kinship group with other alumni deepening the experience.  The program is similar but new, with new guides, new seedings & invitations.

We are opening registration for alumni to go through the program again at half price. Register with the Coyote cohort @ $400 deposit and you'll receive an invoice with your discount.

Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 1.19.31 PM.png

Hartford Seminary

Announcing a beautiful partnership with Hartford University for Religion and Peace! 

Graduates from Seminary of the Wild / Earth can apply this experience toward an MDiv, an EcoSpirituality Certificate or any other program offered by Hartford. 

Your EcoMinistry Certificate counts toward two courses in their degrees and certificates!


Short Workshops

Launching January 2024, a series of one day refreshers or six week short programs to deepen into practices of ecoSpirituality.

Led by graduates and guides of Seminary of the Wild / Earth, topics such as:

- Wild Church Leadership
- Wanderings Close-in
- Dreamwork
- Four Direction Wholeness
- Imaginal Journeys
- Art and EcoSpirituality


Contact us with questions.

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