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Conversation with a Graduate: Mary Abma

What drew you to Seminary of the Wild Earth?

I was looking for a way to live out what I felt was a wild call. I was on a threshold and ready to move into the next phase of my life. This required courage and the kind of support, and thoughtfulness, and inspiration offered by Seminary of the Wild.

When did you graduate?

Spring 2021

What aspects of Seminary of the Wild Earth supported your growth?

It was a combination of the readings, the poetry, and the invitations to wander, along with the encouragement and support of the guides and others in the program that truly supported me through this critical time in my life.

What new threshold have you crossed since Seminary of The Wild Earth? (what are you doing now that is related to your "wild call")

I am offering Wild Church experiences to local churches. I write poetry, blessings, and other wild-church resources. My art practice, which embraces my wild call, is flourishing.

Mary Abma is a member of the Wild Church Network and holds an Eco-Ministry Certificate from Seminary of the Wild. She is a teacher, an artist, a self-described insect PR person and an advocate of re-wilding using native plant species. You can explore more of her work at and


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