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Diane Granda, Wild Administrator

"A spiritual connection to the land for me is life giving. All things come from the earth, it sustains us and we will return."

Brief Bio. I was a collector of unusual hats. Today, I wear the hats of organizer, encourager and project manager at CWS, for a personal house project and my own spiritual journey. I am a graduate of Fine Arts. Creating for myself and others is my general calling. Supporting these various hats (roles) keeps me inspired. I currently live on the Muskegon River in Michigan and embrace all the nature she brings to me. I am also a sibling, mother and friend.

Tell us a bit about who you are and how you came to this work.

I have been a nature lover from my youth, who lost my way. Conditioning was no longer working for me and the seeker in me began the search for a new way.

Who are the lands that raised you, and how has your own connection with the natural world influenced your path?

I was raised in the land of the Sioux/Cherokee/Iroquois and the Clinton River Watershed/Red Run. Michigan has a visible history with many rivers, lakes and towns maintaining their native american names. Spending many hours in the out-of-doors, the love of all things non-human was deeply embedded in me.

Why do you believe a practice of spiritual connection with the earth is important for our time?

A spiritual connection to the land for me is life giving. All things come from the earth, it sustains us and we will return. Our excessive consumerism has created a disconnection and has blinded us.

In your experience, what are some of the barriers or challenges individuals or communities face in developing a deeper connection with nature?

The ease of modern life has allowed us to loose the appreciation for the dark, hard, and grief that is a necessary truth of life. The long difficult journey is the point.

What practices (big or small) do you recommend and practice that can help heal our disconnection from the natural world?

Choosing to be out-of-doors, no matter the weather, embracing what is. Seeing value wherever I look, being present in each moment and creating visual art and writing are a few other ways of practicing that keep me grounded.

What are you looking forward to this upcoming year w your work at CWS?

Continuing to learn and grow in my knowledge and community while remaining grounded in truth. To love each breath.



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