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Misty Slopes

Leadership for an
Emerging New Story


Image by Taru Goyal

We are living between stories...

The old story is no longer effective.  Yet we have not learned 'the new story.'  We are talking only to ourselves.  We are not talking to the rivers, we are not listening to the wind and stars.  We have broken the great conversation. 

Thomas Berry

Call of the Sacred Wild

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Repairing the great conversation between humans and the rest of the alive and sacred world is essential to midwife the changes our culture and our planet desperately needs. A 'new story' (which is a multiplicity of new stories) of equity, regeneration, kindness, and reciprocity -- a kin-dom of God -- will require a new kind of spiritual leadership.



The New Story is Emerging through Us

At pivotal times in history -- times of great unraveling that creates space for something new to emerge -- people are called into a new way of being human. 


In ancient Judeo-Christian stories, as well as those found in most other religious traditions, the call to leadership is always initiated by a call into the wilderness.
To listen to the wind, the trees, the stars.  To remember who you are and the role you are here to play in the ongoing evolution of life.

This is one of those pivotal moments in history As ecological, cultural and civic integrity unravels, heart-centered people are being called into a new kind of spiritual leadership, deeply connected with both spirituality and nature.   


The collapse we are experiencing is actually initiating the emergence of a new story


The new story is actually many stories, and they are emerging through us, through people whose hearts are open to the voices of the sacred whispering through the forest and ocean and sky. 

Image by Jasper Boer


You may feel it on a deep, numinous, unspoken level:  a call to reweave the threads of your unique gifts and privileges, your particular wounds and experiences, together with the stories and beings of the place you call home.

The reconnection of Spirit and Nature is essential to the profound shift happening in our world.  Your offerings toward the new story may not have a form yet.  That's okay.  Most of what is needed right now does not have a template. 

The journey to listen for this wild call, to respond to the particular ways you belong in this pivotal time and your remarkable alive landscape is a collective one.


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It begins
by answering the
call of the sacred wild.

Forest Road

Yearlong Programs

A certificate in EcoSpirituality. An ordination by the sacred wild.

Join one of the upcoming Seminary of the Wild Earth cohorts in 2023.

A community

of like-hearted souls

committed to reWilding our world.

The Center for Wild Spirituality is a support system and a learning community to listen to the allurement of the Sacred Wild calling us deeper into the soul of the living world.


This is the call to embody a kin-dom of God for the loving regeneration of beloved community, a conversation between and beyond our species.

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workshops, trainings and a yearlong intensive, the Eco-Ministry Certificate program, are offered to support those who sense their full presence will be needed in these times of profound unraveling and emergence (both!)

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a new expression of communal spiritual practices that reconnect people with their Place...
as a sacred relationship.
Consider joining a wild church near you, or start one in your bio-region.

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a membership based community platform for the growing movement of spiritual ecologists and other edge-walking spiritual leaders to facilitate storytelling, collective learning and collaboration. 

Image by Aaron Burden

About the Movement

Reconnect with Nature as Church

Order Church of the Wild: How Nature Invites Us into the Sacred by Victoria Loorz for an overview of the Movement.

More about the Book.

Church of the Wild

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