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Antelope Canyon

Workshops & Events

  • Eco-Spirituality Yearlong Program Q&A
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, Jun 09
    The yearlong Eco-Spirituality Certificate program is a powerful, transformative program for all those who feel the call from Spirit and Earth herself to step into your role in this Great Turning. Bring your questions to this session and hear more about the program from graduates & program guides.
  • Sacred Conversations in Ireland
    Thu, Aug 24
    Ards Retreat Center
    What might happen in your soul if you open yourself up to the song of the sea and the stones at the northern edge of Ireland?
  • Wild Church Leadership Course - Fall
    Thu, Sep 14
    Online Program
    This seven-week course is for those who are starting or feeling the longing to guide a wild church in their community.
  • No Greater Love: An Anti-Racism Journey
    Thu, Sep 21
    No Greater Love is a six-week online group that meets weekly. No Greater Love is a multi-media approach to creating a safe space for people to build deeper empathy, self-awareness and honesty concerning the influence of white supremacy in our dominant cultures.
  • Eco-Spirituality Yearlong Certificate Program: Fall Cohort
    Wed, Oct 18
    A yearlong immersion exploring your place in the Great Work of restoring the interconnection between our spirituality and the rest of the natural world.
  • Rekindling the Fire
    Begins May 2023
    This program offers a path forward for those who have struggled with the stagnation of the climate movement. After years and decades of trying the same tactics, we are burnt out, and ready to try something new. This requires taking a step back, stepping outside, and remembering what we fight for.
  • Eco-Spirituality Yearlong Certificate Program: Spring Cohort
    Membership Offer
    Begins May 16
    A yearlong immersion exploring the restored interconnection between our spirituality and the rest of the natural world.
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